Dates: August 30 - 

          September 1

Capacity: 16


Trip Cost: $750

Train Cost: $80 (est.)

About this Trip

Do you dream of city sunsets in the summer? So do we. Join us on an unforgettable trip to Portland where you will have to chance to experience all of what the city has to offer. We will be staying in the city of Portland with access to the best bakeries, breweries, restaurants, and bars. If you want to sleep in, eat well, and bond with your fellow classmates (and a few fantastic second years), this is the trip for you. We can't wait to be a part of your Sloan adventure!


  • 8/30: Arrive in Portland, Foodie Tour, Welcome Dinner, Local Bar Hopping

  • 8/31: Brunch & treats from Portland's best bakeries, New England Brewery Tour & Tasting, Boat Cruise, Closing Dinner Party

  • 9/1: Breakfast and depart for Boston



learning & culture




physical activity

rest & relaxation

Explanation of Ratings​

5    Very frequently (e.g., daily)

3    Moderately frequently

       (e.g., a few times)

1    Infrequently (e.g., once)

Meet Your Trip Leaders


Proud New Jerseyan who spent many summers down the shore with an appreciation for coastal cities and lighthouses.


The only known architect at Sloan.


Has never been to Maine or any of the Portlands. But once had a dream about Portland, Oregon and hated it.


Discovered her love for the outdoors in California even though she is originally from Kenya and was surrounded by breath-taking views of Nairobi National Park and Karura Forest for 13 years.