Key West

Dates: August 30 - 

          September 2

Capacity: 13

Trip Cost: $750

Flight Cost: $600(est)

About this Trip

Dive into your iconic Key West vacation where we’ll sail like Hemingway and party like Truman!


Beaches, snorkeling with dolphins, booze cruises, and clubbing -- Grab your swimsuit, grab your piña colada, and dive into an iconic kickoff to your Sloan adventure!


  • 8/30: Arrive in Key West, pregame at the pool (we have two!), beach sunset, night out at bars

  • 8/31: Breakfast, beach relaxing & games, booze cruise & lunch, city tour, dinner, Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, clubbing at night

  • 9/1: Brunch, snorkeling with dolphins, Hemingway house, chill at the beach, dinner and bars

  • 9/2: Breakfast, check out, fly back to Boston



learning & culture




physical activity

rest & relaxation

Explanation of Ratings​

5    Very frequently (e.g., daily)

3    Moderately frequently

       (e.g., a few times)

1    Infrequently (e.g., once)

Meet Your Trip Leaders


UVA -> DC -> Sloan | Rock-climber with a fear of heights | Rice > noodles, unless it’s ramen | Voted ‘Most likely to travel the world in a hot air balloon’ in 3rd grade (tbh, prefer planes…) | love running along the Charles


Alabamian surviving Boston weather. Fan of finance and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Lunchtime investor. Gif enthusiast. Voted ‘Most likely to get sunburned in Key West’ (tbh, probably true)


Known as JBae from the Bay (Area) | Coffee addict who spends way too much money on Tatte | Tech enthusiast currently the #1 Slack poster at Sloan | Voted 'Most likely to get hangry'