Dates: August 11 - 

         August 15

Capacity: 15

Trip Cost: $1000

Flight Cost: $1000(est)

About this Trip

2019’s hottest Mediterranean island Pre-f(x) is here!! Ibiza is known for its beautiful warm weather, gorgeous beaches, old European style, and of course, its incredible nightlife. Exploration of the island’s historic sites will be balanced out with with beach lounging, fantastic food, fun nights out, and group bonding at our villa.


  • 8/11: Arrive in Ibiza; group dinner at the Villa

  • 8/12: Visit Puig des Molins, a Phoenician necropolis and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tour old city Ibiza and enjoy lunch overlooking the water. Hang by the pool and group dinner at the villa before hitting one of Ibiza’s largest night clubs

  • 8/13: Trip to the Can Marca Caves, a spectacular collection of underground natural caves in the north of the island. Travel together to spend the afternoon and evening at the world’s largest beach day club.

  • 8/14: Half day boat cruise to Formentera Island, where we will enjoy a beach day on one of the island’s serene, secluded beaches and swim in crystal blue water. Head back to Ibiza town for a fancy group dinner and special night out

  • 8/15: Depart Ibiza; fly home or spend extra days exploring nearby Barcelona or other islands on your own.



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rest & relaxation

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Meet Your Trip Leaders


Heather is originally from Maine and went to Harvard for undergrad. She worked as an investment manager at the Charter School Growth Fund before coming to Sloan, and she is super excited to be leading the Ibiza pre-FX!


Sahej is from New Delhi, India, and spent the last 8 years systematically navigating through all the dance floors in New York (while working to fund this lifestyle). He went to Cornell for undergrad, danced on a semi-professional team for 4 years, worked as a consultant, DJ’ed dingy house parties in New York (#norequests) - and will be going back to consulting this summer because he didn’t get enough airline miles.


Julie grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. She swam and rowed at Stanford before moving all around the U.S. for work, mostly in finance. Aside from Ibiza, her bucket list places to visit include the Nordic countries and India. She will be an investment banker at Goldman Sachs this summer and hopes that her strong growth mindset will make up for her super generic name.


Winston was born in NYC, grew up in Boston, and has spent the past ten years in California. If you ask Winston where he is from, he typically picks what is most convenient for him in any given conversation. Honestly, none of us really know where Winston is from. When asked, what animal Winston embodies most in a Communications class, Winston gave a compelling, structured, 3 minute impromptu on why he is, in fact, a golden retriever; the class agreed and found it quite appropriate. Tennis balls were ordered the subsequent week.


Ajay is from Orange County, California, went to school in the bay, and lived in LA the last five years. He’s fresh off writing his 100 daily gratitudes, recently became a Sherpa of world peace on his solo backpacking trip in the Arctic, and frequently uses the hang loose sign, even though nobody does that anymore. But, the thing he won’t tell you is that he worked on nuclear weapon guidance systems the last five years, something he’s still processing. Hang loose, Ajay, hang loose.