Dates: August 14 - 

         August 20

Capacity: 12

Trip Cost: $1000

Flight Cost: $800(est)

About this Trip

Can you believe there is a state in the U.S. that is made up of 137 islands, is home to the only royal residence on U.S. soil, has a single word for hello & goodbye, and has no daylight savings time BUT is full of outdoor wonders of every type – volcanoes, lava deserts, highland rainforests, tallest sea cliffs, miles of pristine beaches, and more?!? Neither can we, and we can’t wait to explore it with you! Join us for an adventurous, outdoorsy exploration of all Hawaii has to offer, including hiking, surfing, snorkeling/diving, historical landmarks, cultural activities, and, of course, delicious food and impeccable company!


  • 8/14: Travel the breadth of the USA to Hawaii! Welcome drinks & dinner; night out in Waikiki

  • 8/15: Hike #1: Diamond Head Summit; Hawaiian BBQ dinner + games at our beachfront Airbnb

  • 8/16: Morning at the beach (option to try some surfing!), afternoon at Pearl Harbor

  • 8/17: Hike #2: Koko Head Crater Trail

  • 8/18: Boat trip to Molokini island for scuba diving + snorkeling; check-in at our Glamping sites!

  • 8/19: Hike #3: Sliding Sands Trail; Drive along the infamous Road to Hana; traditional Hawaiian dinner

  • 8/20: Goodbye brunch + one last swim; Travel back to Boston!



learning & culture




physical activity

rest & relaxation

Explanation of Ratings​

5    Very frequently (e.g., daily)

3    Moderately frequently

       (e.g., a few times)

1    Infrequently (e.g., once)

Meet Your Trip Leaders


Tall kiwi who is as comfortable in a kayak as she is on a ski slope, tea aficionado, most likely to convince the entire “glamp”-site to join in for sunrise yoga


The cool designer, Boston native and cycling enthusiast, most likely to win you over on Day 1 with freshly-baked challah


Adventure travel junkie, token LGO, most likely to book her flights 36 hours before departure


Resident scuba instructor, most popular SO (“Significant Other”) at Sloan, most likely to start a dance party at the top of the mountain