Frequently Asked Questions

About Pre-f(x) Trips


What is pre-function?

Pre-f(x) trips are student-led, non-academic trips that take place at the end of August and beginning of September each year. The trips are led by 2nd year MBA students, so they’re also a great opportunity to connect with the previous class.


How many students go on pre-f(x) trips, and will I miss anything if I don’t attend?

Last year, 85% of the incoming class went on a pre-f(x) trip. The trips vary in duration and timing to give as many people as possible the chance to attend. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, you’ll meet your classmates soon enough!


Can my SO come on the trip?

Yes! We highly encourage it. There will be a place in the application to indicate whether your SO is planning to attend. Bringing an SO does not affect your chances of getting placed on any of the trips. We love SOs and they are as much a part of the Sloan fam as you. 

Can my kids come on the trip?

We love kids, but sadly, we cannot have them on pre-f(x) trips. 

Can I attend more than 1 pre-f(x) trip?

Unfortunately, no. These trips are in high demand, so we allow each student (and their SO) to attend just one trip. 

What does the trip and flight cost include?

Trip costs typically cover lodging, activities, in-country travel, and food and drink. You can expect some additional cost for optional activities and supplementary snacks. We aim to make these trips as "closed wallet" as possible. Flight costs are estimated round-trip from Boston.

If I change my mind or have to cancel, can I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately we are unable to refund deposits if you are no longer planning to attend your trip. Thankfully deposits will not be the full cost of the trip. 

Who pays for trip leaders to lead each trip? 

Trip leaders pay their own way; however, each trip leadership group is permitted to charge up to $50 per trip participant to offset personal costs (planning these trips is a TON of work!). Not all trips will include this addition to their budget. Additionally, any unused funds collected in deposits will be returned to students or spent on additional activities for the group. 

Pre-f(x) Trip Selection

What is the timeline for application and when do I find out about my trip?

Applications will open up on Friday, April 19 and will close at 11:59PM EST on Wednesday, May 1st. You will find out which trip you are attending on May 20th. 


How are trips assigned?

In true MIT Sloan form, we've built an algorithm. It takes into account your preferences, trip diversity, trip capacity and more. We will do our best to match you up with one of your top choices! Please keep in mind that trips ARE NOT first come first served, so if you don't get your trip preferences in until May 1st, you do not hurt your chances of getting on the trip of your dreams. 

What happens if I indicate my top 5 choices, and I don't get any of them?

We will try very hard to make sure this doesn't happen, but we cannot make any promises. A handful of students last year did not receive any of their choices, but we have intentionally increased the number of trips available to ensure we have enough capacity and flexibility to give everyone one of their top choices.


Fall Academic Programming


What is pre-orientation and do I need to attend?

Pre-orientation takes place from August 19 – 22. While it’s not required, it is recommended to help acclimate to Sloan. International students MUST attend one required international student program that will take place on both August 20th and August 22nd (you only need to attend one day). Almost every trip will allow international students too attend one of these sessions. Check out the AdMIT website for more information!


Additional Information for Students in Special Circumstances

What do I need to know as an international student?

MIT has strict policies around international students traveling on their visas prior to enrolling as a student. You are not enrolled as a student until Orientation has begun. If you enter the United States on your student visa during the 30 day window prior to beginning school, MIT does not allow you to leave the United States prior until you have officially enrolled as a student (i.e., Orientation). 


You are required to attend one of two sessions of International Student Orientation (ISO), which occurs during Pre-Orientation, on Tuesday, August 20 and Thursday, August 22.  


If you have​ any questions about this, please contact the International Students Office at

What do I need to know as a Round 3  or waitlist student?

We have saved a limited number of spots for our Round 3 or waitlist AdMITs across various trips. Your application process will be slightly different, but we will make sure to provide you with all the details when the time comes!

Did we miss something?

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