Dates: August 21 - 

         August 25

Capacity: 20

Trip Cost: $1000

Flight Cost: $600(est)

About this Trip

Puerto Plata, home to some of the Dominican Republic’s most stunning beaches, is surrounded by lush forests and scenic mountains. This Pre-f(x) will be the perfect mix of adventure, fun, and relaxation. Learn to surf, slide down waterfalls, cruise in a catamaran, and float in secluded lagoons by day; party on the beach by night. Home base will be our phenomenal villa.


  • 8/21: Arrive in Puerto Plata, group dinner at our giant villa

  • 8/22:  Head out to 27 Charcos, an amazing system of 27 waterfalls and pools carved into a limestone mountainside. Return for afternoon lounging at the villa and dinner in town, followed by nightlife on the beach

  • 8/23: Private surfing lessons in the morning will be followed by a catamaran boat cruise. Dinner and nightlife to follow

  • 8/24: Visit Laguna Dudu, a pristine lagoon surrounded by natural cliffs. Dinner at the villa and then, you guessed it, more nightlife

  • 8/25: Fly back to Boston



learning & culture




physical activity

rest & relaxation

Explanation of Ratings​

5    Very frequently (e.g., daily)

3    Moderately frequently

       (e.g., a few times)

1    Infrequently (e.g., once)

Meet Your Trip Leaders


Born in Canada, grew up in Lebanon, worked in Dubai Dream in life: visit every country in the world (work in progress!); and somehow eliminate poverty in the process Fun fact: I have Diego Maradona’s phone number


Born in Miami, grew up in the Dominican Republic, worked in Boston Dream in life: although not a cars guy, to drive James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 on the Autobahn from Hamburg to Munich Fun fact: I’m only able to make people laugh when I don’t intend in doing so


Born in Beijing, grew up in Israel, Kansas and Boston Dream in life: To try every cookie on planet Earth and beyond Fun Fact: Aging collegiate rower and retired saxophonist


Born in El Salvador, worked in Colombia and across LatAm Dream in life: Beach bum Fun fact: Amateur DJ


Born in Raléigh, Northern Carolinas Dream in life: To roam the serengeti in search of acacia trees Fun Fact: Super tall like giraffe