Dates: August 16 - 

         August 21

Capacity: 20

Trip Cost: $950

Flight Cost: $850(est)

About this Trip

Szia 2021s! Come kick off Year 1 by exploring one of Europe’s most fun and vibrant cities, recently voted Best European Destination 2019, with 20 of your new best buds in Bud-apest! Are you Hungary for what this amazing city has to offer? Burgeoning food scene? Incredible culture and history? The coolest bath houses and THE coolest clubs? Check! Check! Check!


We’ll visit local favorites such as the Széchenyi Bath for a pool party, the best Budapest Ruin Bars for a pub crawl, and enjoy Hungary’s independence day festivities!


Christiana, Durgesh, Garoon, and Steph all became friends over currywursts and doner kebabs during the legendary Berlin pre-f(x) last year. Starting business school can be a daunting time – you’re meeting a whole group of new people and getting readjusted to being a student again. Pre-f(x) is a great opportunity to meet your future classmates and form the beginnings of lifelong friendships – it’s the best way to kick off MBA life!


  • 8/16: Fly to Budapest! 

  • 8/17: Arrive in Budapest; welcome dinner & cocktails; night out!

  • 8/18: Walking tour of the Castle District (while the Festival of Folk Arts, Mesterségek Ünnepe, is going!), Hungarian Beer Garden, dinner, evening at Schenzyi thermal baths - pool party!

  • 8/19: Walk the Street of Hungarian Flavors on the Danube, traditional Hungarian dinner, ruin pub crawl!

  • 8/20: Explore the Parliament, St. Stephen’s Day Parade, boat cruise on the Danube, Karaoke!

  • 8/21: Goodbye Brunch (if flights allow); Travel back to Boston



learning & culture




physical activity

rest & relaxation

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1    Infrequently (e.g., once)

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Once stole Rihanna’s seat at a concert. Terrified of all bugs and gelatin foods


Is left-handed.


Once quieted down the whole Temple Bar in Dublin to sing happy birthday to the bartender. Can’t whistle. Loves karaoke and kebabs.