Dates: August 20- 

         August 24

Capacity: 16

Trip Cost: $950

Flight Cost: $600(est)

About this Trip

We’ve assembled an all-star team representing the best aspects of last year’s pre-f(x) trips (Berlin’s partying, Dolomites’ bonding, French Riviera’s classiness, and Tulum’s chill vibe) to give you the best possible experience. Are you ready to make new friends and have an unBelizeably good time? Belize is the perfect trip for balancing beach, culture, nature, and night life in a beautiful country. This trip will have you feeling so good that you won't want to stop Belizing!


  • 8/20:  “Welcome To The Good Life”

    • Arrive from the airport ~ relax by the water ~ catered dinner at the villa ~ special surprise from the trip leaders ~ welcome party

  • 8/21: “Cultured AF”

    • Explore Mayan Ruins ~ conquer the jungle and river cruise ~ dinner in style ~ chill night

  • 8/22: “Belizey livin’”

    • Beach time ~ snorkeling ~ exploring the city ~ small group dinners ~ night out on the town

  • 8/23: “Don’t go Cavin’ Waterfalls”

    • Kayak in the caves ~ pool party ~ chill time at the villa ~ fancy dinner ~ blowout final party

  • 8/24: “Deuces”

    • Fly back to Boston to continue the best 21 months of your lives



learning & culture




physical activity

rest & relaxation

Explanation of Ratings​

5    Very frequently (e.g., daily)

3    Moderately frequently

       (e.g., a few times)

1    Infrequently (e.g., once)

Meet Your Trip Leaders


- AKA “Danger Zona”

- Die-hard tequila lover

- Drummer of Rolling Sloans

- Retired PADI divemaster

- Top reviewer for hostels in Southeast Asia


- 3x Mardi Gras winner (surviving = winning)... 1x runner-up

- Hates tequila, but susceptible to Zona’s peer pressure

- Nearly kicked out of GMAT testing center

- Tried to recreate the spaghetti scene from Lady And The Tramp with a monkey and a banana


- Loves the ocean and all water activities

- Connoisseur of terrible movies and mediocre jokes

- More of a GnT guy

- Doesn't believe in sunburn. Try it Belize


- Avid beach bum

- Purveyor of spicy food

- Recently applauded for successfully licking my elbow (try it, not easy)

- Rocky relationship with tequila