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What is Pre-f(x)?

Sloan Pre-functions (or Pre-f(x) as we like to call them!) are student-led, non-academic trips that take place at the end of August & beginning of September each year.


The trips are an incredible opportunity for the incoming class of MBA students & their SOs* to meet and get to know each other in a fun, relaxed environment before classes start.

*Sloan lingo: SO = Significant Other (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, etc.)

The trips are led by 2nd year MBA students, so it’s also a great opportunity to connect with the previous class.

Pre-f(x) are a great start to your Sloan experience! From hiking in Alaska to cooking classes in Spain, there is a little something for everyone's taste and schedule!

Pre-f(x) By the Numbers


percent of incoming students attended a pre-f(x) trip last year


1st year MBA students on average per trip

Why We Love Pre-f(x)

Imagine showing up the first day of Orientation and you are already close to 25 people from Pre-f(x). You will form some amazing friendships before school starts!